Table Example

The below example illustrates an implementation of the WAI-ARIA table 설계 패턴. Note that when possible, using a native HTML table element is recommended.

유사한 예는 다음과 같습니다:


Students currently enrolled in WAI-ARIA 101 for the coming semester
First Name Last Name Company Address
Fred Jackson Acme, Inc. 123 Broad St.
Sara James Acme, Inc. 123 Broad St.
Ralph Jefferson XYZ, Inc. 456 Main St.
Nancy Jensen XYZ, Inc. 456 Main St.

키보드 지원

Not Applicable

Role, Property, State, Tabindex 어트리뷰트

역할(role) 어트리뷰트 엘리먼트 사용법
table div Identifies the element containing the table structure.
aria-label="Students" div Provides an accessible name for the table.
aria-describedby="IDREF" div Refers to the element that serves as the caption for the table.
rowgroup div
  • Identifies the elements that serve as containers for the table header and table body rows.
  • Unlike HTML, WAI-ARIA does not include separate roles for the table header and table body row sets.
row div Identifies each element that contains the cells for a row.
columnheader span Identifies elements that serve as a cell containing a column label.
cell span Identifies elements containing content for a single cell.

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